Friday, May 6, 2011

Jennifer Lopez? One hot Mama!

Beautiful J-Lo
Looking at J-Lo, you wouldn't believe that she's already 41 years of age. I mean, seriously. Just look at her. She is in such great shape and looks just as beautiful and sexy as ever. She was also recently voted as People Magazine's "most beautiful" person of 2011.

Just lovely

The luscious Ms Lopez recently also revealed that the reason why she is in such superb shape was because she worked out at least 6 times a week! “You can hide a lot with good clothes, but when you’re doing a video, you really can’t because the clothes get smaller!” said J-Lo.

Even her butt is beautiful

 “It’s like all the sudden my stomach’s out. Oh no! “Its like, that’s what they want me to wear? I’d better start doing Tracy Anderson workouts six times a week then!”

Only J-Lo could pull off a catsuit like that
Anyway, the beautiful J-Lo is pretty busy nowadays. Not only is she hard at work with American Idol but she has also recently launched her album "Love?". It has garnered quite good reviews so far.
Looking like a goddess in the legendary Versace dress

 Buy your copy of J-Lo's "LOVE?" here.

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