Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Liverpool Legend in the Making?

The past few weeks have seen a resurgent Liverpool climb up the league table, and Kenny Dalglish is undoubtedly over the moon that the Uruguayan No. 7 Luis Suarez has been performing above expectations. The untiring and industrious Suarez was crucial in sparking Liverpool’s victories in the last three games, in which the Reds have scored a whopping 13 goals.

(Of course, Maxi Rodriguez has also been in potent form, having bagged two hattricks in the last three games. )

Suarez, who also scored against Fulham in their 5-2 win recently, has settled very quickly with Liverpool, despite only signing on in January 2011.

Suarez has scored 4 goals so far.
“I don’t think in our wildest dreams he could’ve settled in as quickly as he has done and taken to English football the way that he has done. He’s graced the pitch every time he’s played on it.” said Dalglish.

If he (Suarez) keeps playing like that I think he’ll be a bigger legend than I’ll ever be.” said teammate Jamie Carragher.

Liverpool fans would love to see Suarez create and score more goals next year to challenge for the league title.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stop the Press! Here's Hannah Tan!

For those of you who fancy hot babes from Asia, here's a sexy beauty who hails from the South East Asian country of Malaysia. Her name is Hannah Tan (or better known as Hannah T).

She's  famous celebrity in Malaysia who is also now based in Japan, expanding her solo singing career.

Hannah is probably one of the hottest looking babes from Malaysia. Check out the pics below found on the net and see if you agree with me!

Beautiful babe Hannah T

Looks like she takes care of that bod

Hannah loves fast cars

Pretty smile, sexy face, curvy body, what's not to like?

Nice ride, Hannah

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hong Kong Porno Makes it BIG!

The Hong Kong Catoegory III movie “3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy” has taken the box office by storm after it opened in packed cinemas across Hong Kong recently. It broke Hong Kong’s one-day record for box office takings, defeating Avatar, raking in HK $2.79 million (US $360,000) on its first day, according to the Hong Kong Motion Pictures Industry Association.

Captivating Saori Hara

Saori looks like a hot geisha

The world’s first 3D IMAX erotic film snatched HK $13 million (US $1.7 million) during the four-day weekend period in Hong Kong which was another record.

Based on the 17th century classical Chinese erotic literature “The Carnal Prayer Mat”, this 3D porn movie stars Japanese AV actresses Yukiko Suo and Saori Hara and Hong Kong babes Vonnie Lui Hoi Yan and Leni Lan Yan among others.

Vonnie Lui in 3d sex costume

Vonnie shows off her nice rack

3D Sex and Zen features a whole lot of nudity (as one would expect of a movie called “Sex” and Zen) and soft porn styled sex scenes.

Leni Yan in character

According to reviews, the the local crowd who were well “sex-tertained” as they hooted and laughed from start to finish. Viewers will be feted to a circus of erotic and violent spectacles, filled with naughty good fun and there isn’t a single boring scene. From the moment the first pair of jiggly 3D breasts appears — prompting collective gasps from the male audience members  — through to the fight scenes with 3D daggers thrown at the audience, this is 3D movie magic at its low-brow erotic best. At one point a meter-long 3D horse penis is thrown towards the flinching audience.

Leni Yan in demure pose

Yukiko Suo slips into something comfortable
Yukiko looking good

For more information about the movie, check out

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Hot! Girls of Summer!

As the season of Summer slowly approaches, let's warm up for some great sights that we will be able to see.

As everyone knows, summer is the time where hot babes everywhere take the opportunity to show off their summer bods. So let's just sit back, grab some cool drinks and enjoy the show...

(ps. this is my tribute to the hot babes who prefer to show off their legs in wear sporty mini skirts)

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