Friday, July 6, 2012

Fernando Torres: Can he do it for Chelsea this time?

The Euro 2012? Already done and dusted. We all know that Spain have emerged as worthy champions, successfully defending their title won in 2008.

So who was the player who benefited the most from La Roja’s title winning campaign? It would be none other than Chelsea’s “El Nino”, Fernando Torres.

The true No. 9

 Granted, Torres did not start most of the games at the Euro 2012, but he scored goals when it mattered and proved that he could still bang in the goals (2 against Ireland, and 1 against Italy) despite not being given much time to run.

Torres also had the chance to finish off Italy and end up with four goals overall, but unselfishly allowed his Chelsea teammate Juan Mata to score by providing an assist.

So now we await the start of the English Premier League Season 2012/2013 to see how Fernando Torres performs for Chelsea. We all remember how torrid a time Torres had at Chelsea since his transfer from Liverpool. The guy could hardly muster up a goal and had to be benched for many of his games. Chelsea had spent a ton of money for his services, yet he could only score 12 goals. A paltry return for their investment. Torres’ confidence was seriously in tatters. There was even talk of Chelsea putting Torres on the transfer market, and also of him leaving and joining Barcelona...

Can he get more than 12 in the new season?

 But now, having bagged the golden boot award at Euro 2012, Torres will surely go into the new season for Chelsea with renewed vigour and confidence. He should regain his hitman swagger and become a main go to striker for Chelsea (especially now that Drogba’s gone).

Here are some great videos as a reminder of what Chelsea’s Torres can do when he is on fire.

Fernando Torres scoring goals for Liverpool

Fernando Torres scoring goals for Chelsea

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Presenting...EMMA STONE!

The spectacular Emma Stone?

Emma vs Zombies
 I must admit, before seeing her on the latest Marvel comics movie Amazing Spider Man, I have not seen any of her previous movies. I have heard of her getting some rave reviews on movies like Zombieland and the House Bunny, but I never got myself to sit down and watch them.

Now having seen Emma’s amazing turn as Gwen Stacy on Spider Man, I must say I was impressed enough to find out more about her. Here are some interesting facts I discovered about Emma Stone.

1. Emma Stone is hot! She is ranked No. 2 on Men’s Health 100 Hottest Women of 2011 and No. 10 on People’s 100 Most Beautiful
Emma Stone lookin' hot!

2. Emma aint her real name. It’s actually Emily Jean Stone

4. Made her movie debut on Superbad

5. She lost her audition for a role in Heroes to another hottie, Hayden Panetierre

6. She can sing! Watch Emma trying her singing chops here:

7. Girls love to emulate Emma Stone’s hair! (Move over, Jennifer Aniston!)
Gorgeous hair, Emma
8. She will soon be seen (or heard) in the movies The Croods and Movie 43

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Euro 2012 -Spain to Rule the World!

Well, the dust has settled. What can be said of the European kings of 2012? Let's see what major victories they have achieved so far...

Euro 2008? Spain...Champion!

World Cup 2010? Spain ... Champion!

And now, Euro 2012? Spain... CHAMPION!

Who can boast of having a better record than that? Italy? Germany? (*gasp*) Brazil?

Nope, after the dust had settled in Ukraine and Poland, it sure looks like Spain are very much conquistadors of the whole wide world!

Some critics scoff. They say "So what's the big deal? They haven't gone up against the top South American teams in the major finals..."

Hmm... Maybe true. Could the likes of Messi's Argentina or the ever popular "best team in the world" Brazil put the breaks on Spain's bullet train in the 2014 World Cup?

Go Brazil!

I really don't know. So let's see Spain's most recent results against the world's top teams:

Spain vs Europe
Against the European giants, Spain has performed remarkably well:

vs Italy 4-0 (Euro 2012 final)
vs France 2-0 (Euro 2012)
vs Portugal (won by penalties after 0-0 draw)
vs Netherlands 1-0  (World Cup 2010 final)
vs Germany 1-0 (World Cup 2010)
vs England 0-1 (Spain lost! But it was only a friendly game)

Spain vs South America

vs Argentina (lost 1-4, friendly game in 2011)
vs Brazil  0-1 (Would you believe this was in 1986? I don't think they have clashed recently)
vs Uruguay 0-0 (World Cup 1990)
vs Chile 2-1 (World Cup 2010) and 3-2 (2012 friendly game)
vs Paraguay 1-0 (World Cup 2010)
vs Venezuela 5-1 (2012 friendly game)

Verdict? I feel that the critics may be on to something. Maybe some of the top South American teams could trouble the Euro and World champions. It will be hard though. Spain La Roja will still be powered by their superstars, Iniesta, Fabregas, Torres (surprising golden boot winner at the Euro 2012), and Xavi. Goal machine David Villa should also be at the 2014 worlds. So onward to the World Cup!

"I'm not strong, nor fast, nor skilful. I'm a player from the street. Without my team mates, without space, I am nothing." Xavi