Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tennis' Novak Djokovic: One Player to Rule Them ALL!

Serbian Novak Djokovic has confounded tennis fans around the world with his majestic displays of late. The guy has managed to win all tournaments that he has competed in this year, so far winning in Australia, Dubai, Indian Wells, Miami, Belgrade and then in Rome.

On a tear: Djokivic keeps winning
The Joker has trounced every top player he has come up against, such as Federer, Murray and even Nadal (who he astonishingly beat twice in two weeks).

In 2011 Djokovic is unbeaten in 37 matches. Overall, since last year, he has has not lost in 39 straight matches.Federer and Nadal are banking on the fact that a hot streak cannot last forever...

But now, even the world No. 1 ranking is now in Djokovic’s sights, as he heads towards a possible French Open title for 2011. “The ambition is to be No.1 and the dream is to win Wimbledon”, said the confident Serb.

So who can stop Novak Djokovic? 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Misses Old Friend

Jennifer Aniston had a "girl's  best friend", a dog by the name of Norman.

Jen and Norman

The 15-year-old Welsh corgi-terrier mix follows Jen everywhere including on film location shoots. But sadly Norman passed away a few weeks ago due to  old age.

Cute dog
The popular Friends actress - who has had a string of failed romances following her divorce from Brad Pitt several years ago - has previously stated that she wished some of the men in her life had some of Norman's characteristics.

Jennifer looking hot in a tiny bikini

"It wouldn't be bad if, when a man comes home, he'd run to his woman with his tail wagging. This sort of excitement is something I've always missed in a man to be honest." said Jennifer.

Wouldnt you keep lonely Jennifer Aniston company?

Jennifer still has another pet dog, a white German Shepherd named Dolly, to keep her company.