Friday, February 18, 2011

How Scalding Hot is Gisela Dulko, tennis babe?

Forget about Daniella, Maria, Venus or Caroline...

Gisela in action

Whenever I watch tennis on the telly, I would be looking out for the Argentine babe Gisela. Yeah, granted she's not a top ranked player (highest was 26 in 2005), but IMHO she's one of the hottest tennis babes I've laid eyes on.
Nice big ball you got there, girl.

Currently Gisela is ranked 60 in the singles. However, Gisela is currently the No. 1 Doubles player in the world, having won one Grand Slam title, winning the 2011 Australian Open Women's doubles, teaming up with Flavia Panetta.

Gisela in classy attire
You go, girl!

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