Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pammie fights for the Seals

Busty babe Pam Anderson
Busty uber-babe Pamela Anderson has spoken up for seals this time, as she recently wrote a letter to China (sent vide PETA) to get them to ban the import of seal meat from Canada. Seal hunting is inhumane, according to Pammie.

In her letter to China’s minister of land and resources, the former Baywatch babe and animal rights activist said many of the seals, most of them baby seals, were unable to escape, and were bludgeoned to death with clubs that have sharp spikes mounted on them.

"If you witnessed this massacre, I'm sure that you'd have a change of heart about importing seal products into China," said Pamela to the Chinese minister.

Hats off to Pamela, who is not only a hot pin-up legend, but she is also a caring animal lover. That’s why we love her so much...  :-D

As a tribute to Pamela Anderson, here are some of my favourite pics of her:

Lovely milf walking down the road

Pamela always looks great in a bikini

Pretty in casual

Pam looking relaxed in a see-through outfit

Nice view from the rear

Pam's got sex appeal because she is uninhibited