Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top 10 Famous Women!

Who are the most searched famous women on the internet?

According to COED Magazine, the most searched celebrity is none other than Lady Gaga! She is burning up the interwebs and there seems to be little that can be done to slow her down...

This list has been compiled taking data and statistics from Google search-engine results, and COED Magazine has ranked these women based on the data and statistics. Incidentally, it is not a typo error. Justin Bieber has been included in the list. Must be COED's idea of a joke. Haha

Lady Gaga in another one of her alien-nesque outfits

Kesha's hot
Who can forget the famous kiss between Britney and Madonna?

Bouncy Beyonce

Avril Lavigne is just so cute

So without further ado, here is the Top 10 list of Most Popular Women on the Web:

1 Lady Gaga

2 Ke$ha

3 Madonna

4 Beyonce

5 Rihanna

6 Britney Spears

7 Justin Bieber

8 Miley Cyrus

9 Paris Hilton

10 Avril Lavigne

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