Sunday, August 14, 2011

English Premier League: Lukewarm start for Reds

With all the hype surrounding Liverpool's new boys, ie Stuart Downing, Charlie Adam, Jose Enrique and to a certain extent Andy Carroll, you would've thought that the Reds would have blown Sunderland away with all that firepower (which also includes Luis Suarez). 

Unfortunately Liverpool could only muster up a boring draw with Sunderland (1-1) despite playing at home...

Adam...played well, made the goal for Suarez

Yes, it's only the first game of the season, and a few players made their EPL debut with Liverpool, but watching them totally dominate the first half and then run out of steam in the second half was sorely disappointing.

Also disappointing was witnessing the many missed opportunities of Andy Carroll, who should have at least scored one goal, but instead muffed all chances.

What? I missed again???

Good debut for Downing, who hit the post

The Reds had better improve soon to avoid another disastrous season.

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