Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kate Upton... FAT?

The babelicious Kate Upton
In recent times, Kate Upton, one of the world's most delicious looking lingerie and bikini models in the world, was considered to be "fat" by the fashion critics.

It was probably one of the most insane things I have ever heard. I mean, come on! This is Kate Upton we are talking about. Could Kate Upton be fat? I certainly do not think so! How can I say this? We only have to examine some of Kate's glorious pics to see how "fat" she really is.

Take a look at her and tell me if you think she is fat! (If you ask me, a couple more pounds on Kate would make her look even hotter)

No, I see no belly fat...

Nice bikini top, but no fat
I still see no fat on Kate
Beautiful view of Kate, but fat is nowhere to be found
Don't worry Kate! You look great!
Perfect rear view.

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