Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympics 2012 Badminton: Lin Dan Triumphs Again, Heartbreak for Malaysia

It was the battle for the badminton ages. The world's best two badminton players in the world China's Lin Dan and Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei faced each other again at the Olympic 2012 Badminton Singles Final, in a repeat of the 2008 Beijing Olympics final 4 years ago. Back then, Lin Dan bossed Chong Wei around and won easily, giving the shattered Malaysian a torrid time.

This time, a fired up Lee Chong Wei put up a much better performance, at time matching  the fearsome Lin Dan stroke for stroke, smash for smash. But it still was not enough to knock out the defending champion, as the Chinese shuttler won 15-21, 21-10, 21-19.

Maybe he should not retire just yet...
I must admit, the final set was really a nail biting affair, with the points going touch and go until the end. At one stage, it actually seemed that Chong Wei would finally end the gold medal draught for Malaysia when he led 18-16. But Lin Dan broke Malaysian hearts when he levelled, and went ahead and finally secured the winning gold medal point when Chong Wei hit long.

Lin Dan had proven that he is THE greatest badminton player of ALL time. There is no more doubt about it. He is simply the best ever.

As for Chong Wei, he can stand tall and proud. He gave it his all and had matched the best player in the world blow for blow. He can now choose to retire (as he indicated earlier) with his head held high.

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