Thursday, March 17, 2011

Football: Oh Where Oh Where Have all My Goals Gone... Wonders Torres

Looks like Spanish hotshot Fernando “El Nino” Torres has still been unable to score his first goal for Chelsea, since making the switch from Liverpool in January this year.

Chelsea’s most recent game was against Copenhagen in a European Champion’s League game, but the match ended up in a drab 0-0 draw (with Chelsea going through on a 2-0 aggregate).

Torres has so far played in 6 games for Chelsea, and until now has failed to break the duck, confounding critics and fans alike.

Nightmare start with Chelsea

He still has the support of his Chelsea manager though, who said "For the strikers it's important to score. In my opinion Torres has played well for the team and has done what I asked him to do on the pitch.

"The only problem is because he's a new player and he needs to know our kind of play better but I think he will score." said Ancelotti. But that's what Ancelotti said before the Copenhagen game, and Torres failed to get on the scoresheet again...

If the US$81m Torres’ goal draught continues, I wonder how long before the patience of Chelsea fans, his manager and the Russian big boss Roman Abramovich, run out.

All I can say is, Shevchenko, anyone?

Here are some better memories of Torres, in his glory days with Liverpool: