Monday, March 14, 2011

Lee Chong Wei Slays the Dragon in England!

Congats to Malaysian Lee Chong Wei, who took on and defeated the fearsome Chinese dragon Lin Dan at the All England Singles Final 2011 with the scoreline 21-17, 21-17.

Defending champ Chong Wei, who usually ends up in second place whenever he faced Lin Dan in big finals, came up with the answers today. Chong Wei played a confident attacking game to stump Lin Dan, and caught the Chinese flat footed with an array of fast drop shots and smashes. Chong Wei played smart to keep his nose in the lead throughout the game, as Lin Dan tried desperately to catch up.
Both players showed incredible lightning reflexes and nimble footwork in an exciting contest the thrilled the crowd in Birmingham.

Surely Chong Wei has proved the critics in Malaysia wrong by winning in for the second time in badminton's most prestigious tournament.

I guess this time Chong Wei's fans can really shout "Malaysia Boleh!"

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