Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You Wanna Win Like Sheen?

You just can't keep a "Two and a Half Man" down... Charlie Sheen has been hogging all the press lately despite being fired by his hit series' tv production house. It's totally hilarious reading about his rants on radio, twitter, talk shows and the press in general.

Instead of being down and out, ol' Charlie has taken the fight to the production company and shows no sign of backing down.

Charlie's angels

So how do you be a "winner" like Sheen? Well, you have to be able to do some of these things:

1. Bad mouth and then get fired from a hit tv series that was paying him US$1-2m per episode;

Sexy porn goddess Bree

2. Cavort with "goddesses"/porn stars, preferably in threesomes where possible;


3. Join Twitter and have 1 million followers in one day (in record time -  he's now exceeded 2 million);

4. Have tiger blood in his veins;

5. "Bang seven gram rocks";

6.  Sue Warner Bros for US$100 million damages!

7. Sell out his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" live tour in just 18 minutes!

He's winning

So is Charlie Sheen still "winning"?

He's doing great so far, but only time will tell. It certainly is fun to follow his exploits!

Cheers, Charlie!

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