Sunday, March 6, 2011

Liverpool Reigns Supreme Against Man Utd, thanks to Dirk Kuyt!

Well whadaya know? My prediction earlier that Liverpool would triumph over their arch nemesis Manchester United was odds on. Liverpool handed the Red Devils a  3-1  defeat at Anfield.

Dirk Kuyt turned out to be a hat-trick hero for the Reds, scoring 2 goals in the first half and then a third in the second half.
Luis Suarez was also outstanding for Liverpool. His speed, agility and skill caused a headache for United throughout the game. He magically weaved past 5 United defenders to pass to the hard working Kuyt for a simple tap in for 1-0.
In fiery form

Also of note: Andy Caroll also made his debut for Liverpool, and looked promising, and could have scored minutes upon his arrival on the scene.
Wayne Rooney was largely ineffective, but Hernandez scored a goal in the dying minutes to give United a consolation goal.
Consolation goal

 Famous quote that sums up Kop hero Dirk Kuyt: "Dirk Kuyt is a special player for us. He is a very good striker, he can play on the right or in the middle and he is always a danger. His work ensures that. He is always around in the box to take advantage of situations where the keeper has blocked or parried a shot and the ball is loose. He is always aware, he sees situations as they develop and he is always ready for the second ball when it drops in the box." Rafael Benitez, former manager, September 2009.


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