Thursday, April 7, 2011

Briney Spears : Femme Fatale? That's Me...

 It seems that one of my fave music babes Britney Spears is back in vogue. Her latest album Femme Fatale has rocketed to the top of the Billboard Charts at No. 1

I'm glad that sexy Brit has made a successful comeback. Below is a glowing review of her latest album:

By Jed Gottlieb

Britney's back, baby!

This is a great dance record.

Revoke my critic’s card, label me a pop poseur, confiscate my Bob Dylan vinyl, but it’s the truth. Brit’s seventh album — in stores March 29, now streaming for free on — kills as a dance floor soundtrack.

So pretty

After a decade of monumental success (six platinum studio albums, 20 Top 40 hits) and outsized failure (temporarily losing her kids, shaving her head, needing to keep an ambulance on retainer), Brit finally seems stable. And, thankfully for her, pop fans are still listening: “Femme -Fatale” already has a No. 1 single in “Hold It Against Me.”

This clear head has led to Spears making her most unified piece of art ever. Elevating a million-dollar bundle of purring kitty-cat coos, incessant beats and Auto-Tuned dance epics to the status of art will irk many. But pop architects Max Martin and Dr. Luke — the producers behind many of Brit’s hits and karaoke faves from Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson and Pink — have done just that.

“Femme Fatale” isn’t without problems: It’s wicked -vapid (natch), loses speed halfway through and features an awful “rap” (seriously dude, I got more flow than you). But Martin and Luke manage to (mostly) overcome their inconsistencies and deliver thumping club jam -after thumping club jam.

No ballads. No detours into attempted irony (see: “Circus”). No thinly veiled sexual innuendo (see: “If U Seek Amy”). Nothing distracts from the “Dance! Dance! Dance!” directive. From hypnotic Euro-disco opener “Till the World Ends” to hypnotic Euro-disco track six “(Drop Dead) Beautiful,” it’s all hooks.

The momentum sags a bit until has his moment, but rebounds on the ridiculous (and ridiculously fun) “Trouble for Me.” And when Brit turns introspective on the closer, “Criminal” (“Mama I’m in love with a criminal and this type of love isn’t rational, it’s physical”), after 40 minutes of Hot 100 hedonism, it’s actually welcome.

“Femme Fatale” won’t re-define Brit — she’s too deep into her strange history for one album to change how she’s perceived by the public. Nor will it become required listening or some kind of pop milestone — it’s not “The Fame” or “Fearless.” But give the girl a break and enjoy a great dance record.

Britney looking hot in a bikini

Check out the music video of her latest  single below. She looks great, by the way:

Now excuse me while I go put on some Britney CDs...

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